Gossip, rumors & good-bye’s

Well, this is going to be a hodge-podge of a post.  Blame it on baby brain. Blame it on Nate not napping for more than 30 minutes at a time during the day and still getting up through the night.  I’m basically running on fumes.  At the same time I’m trying to build my business and things have picked up and I’m adding a 2nd half-day shift at the office I’m renting at.  I’m also considering a position with a neurologist who’d like to integrate his practice and I’d be there one day a week.  Life has definitely taken a sharp right turn for me and dolls have understandably fallen by the wayside for a bit.  


With that said, my interests are moving in different directions. I’ve found that having a baby has brought out the domestic goddess in me, LOL. I’ve been baking more (gluten free of course), I’ve been taking up new crafts (needle felting & knitting) and I’m already looking ahead to homeschooling Nate for a few of his early school years which is a decision the hubcap and I have been talking about since Nate was born. I’m even signed up for a food photography class and some other fun things too.  


BUT –  I’m still loving my dolls and the hobby.  I wish I had more time to photograph and I know in a few months that time will free up as Nate settles into a longer nap routine.  But in regards to the shift in my life I’ve decided to shut my blog down.  I will continue to photograph and post to my facebook and flickr.  I’ll actually participate on the WClub board more since now I primarily do everything through the blog.  I’ll be more a part of the community there and that will be nice for me.  I’ll cover conventions and comic-con through facebook & flickr as well, but I won’t be posting on the blog.  So you’re not losing me, just losing the blog and my commitment here.  

I already miss blogging but I know I’m already planning to start a new blog next year.  In my mommy group people have really encouraged me to start one about motherhood, cooking, homeschooling etc and since that will be a bigger part of my life I will end up doing that (hence the food photography class too!).  I’ll post info when its up and feel free to follow my boring day-to-day life there if you’d like.  But dolls will be kept on flickr & my facebook Shug page.


So there you go! that’s about where I’m at now.  Another thing that pushed me to the tipping  point to make the final decision to shut this down (although I had been thinking about it for the past 2 months) is the drama and cattiness in the doll community.  I’ve dealt with it alot myself and with friends and I’ve kept alot of that off the blog other than the time my close friend got hate texts and I spoke up about that.  With a different perspective in my life now I’m just tired of the pettiness and high school crap.  You’re unhappy? I pity you.  But stop butting in on other people’s business.  This happened for me through convention.  So first I want to thank those of you who messaged me for the “whole truth” to what they were hearing.  Thanks for hearing those things and knowing they weren’t true and reaching out so we’d know what was being said. Again, its outside people butting in to a situation they were not a part of at all.  And I’m sick of them painting my friend like she’s the problem in the situation.

Here’s my side of the “whole truth” for those who care…If you don’t then skip this and move down 4 paragraphs.

I had already had a proxy setup prior to the date the registration payments came due.  A friend was taking her husband and the hubby would proxy for me. As a friend I even gave the proxy alot of dolls off our registration to purchase to flip to cover any of her expenses.  The entire CI collection plus any from the convention collection I didn’t want (I only wanted 3) and I only wanted 1 of the IT Direct dolls.  That was alot for her to buy & sell for profit to help her out.  At that time I was talking to my friend saying how I really didn’t have the money to even pay for all the registration fee and she suggested that we split the fee.  I thought what a brilliant idea! We don’t really collect the same characters so there wouldn’t be any issues between us and we’d both be able to get the dolls we each wanted.  At that time with everything going on in my life with pregnancy and the fatigue and me trying to still work full time, I admittedly dropped the ball and didn’t inform my proxy.  (not that it mattered what I did with my end of the dolls).  Life got crazy and time passed quickly.  

My friend and my proxy actually messaged each other several months before convention and my proxy was told she was splitting the registration with me.  The proxy was surprised (naturally, because I am admitting to dropping that ball) that I  hadn’t mentioned it, jokingly blamed it on baby brain but was gracious and fine about it.  This occurred through Flickr private message months before convention unlike the rumors going around are stating making it sound like this was thrust on my proxy last minute as an inconvenience.  As convention drew closer my friend was out of the country and I had to get things in order with my proxy.  At that time I could tell my proxy was stressing about having 2 of us contacting her so I made the decision to be the ONE POINT OF CONTACT for her.  Because my friend was out of the country and I was busy in my own life with my newborn, she did not find out about this decision until very close to convention.  She felt like she paid half the registration and had a right to contact the proxy.  I understood how she’d feel this way but assured her we’d still get what we wanted but I just didn’t want to add stress to my proxy. So she and I would text and then I would text the proxy with the final instructions of what to purchase.  

From day 1 I had issues with my proxy being unable to reach.  Her phone died the first night.  Then the next day I sent a list of what to buy and it took forever to hear anything back from her and even then there was no confirmation of what was purchased.  I understand that it was a little chaotic there with what was unavailable, but I was feeling very out of the loop.  Things progressed quickly downhill from there,especially on the final day..  That day I wanted our proxy to purchase extras of dolls.  I messaged the proxy several times asking what was purchased and I got short clipped texts about the poppy centerpiece and winning it.  And a random doll here and there was confirmed.  I was stressing on Saturday because I was headed to a wedding and I had no response from my proxy (by text or email as I did both) because I had no idea how much money was left and if any extras were purchased or what I even had gotten!!  I had messaged her hours prior to the final event. After not hearing back from her for hours I was forced to break the rule of one point of contact.  I was heading into wedding events and would be unavailable for the rest of the night.  I was stressed not knowing what was purchased or how much money was left. We had a dear friend setup to take extra $ over to her table to cover the final night dolls.  So my friend texted and handled that and it seems things got very out of hand.  NO ONE was aggressive or rude as the rumors going around have said.  They were very kind and my friend who walked over the the table with money was told that my proxy already purchased the dolls.  How is that rude or aggressive?? Seriously I’m pissed about the name calling on him because he is the sweetest guy I know. I saw the 2 texts that my friend sent her.  Nothing in there can be perceived as more than her trying to help me out because I was at the wedding.  Oh, and I never received those final night dolls and was refunded nearly $500 of unspent money so yeah, there was plenty of money left to purchase anything that night.

Even after the event ended I was asking for receipts and to this day I’ve not received one.  I was charged $100 for shipping and when I looked up the weight/size of the boxes I received it was only $68.   And believe me, I don’t think I was asking much of my proxy.  I’ve heard from friends who’s proxies skyped them, kept them updated each day with what was bought and how much money was left.  I wasn’t even asking that much.  I barely texted to even bother her to help keep her stress level down and allow her to enjoy convention without having me texting every 5 minutes.  I just wanted the bare minimum.  Please respond fairly promptly.  Please let me know what was purchased.  Please tell me how much money I had left to spend.  Please send me receipts to verify what was spent.  To see my friends get thrown under the bus in this situation is so disappointing.  To hear the rumors calling them names, saying they acted aggressively and were rude pisses me off.  They were just trying to help me in a situation that was rapidly getting out of hand.  They were trying to help me because I was unavailable at a wedding in San Francisco.  And one paid half the fee and sent half the money to the proxy so she had a right to contact the proxy to help me out. So there you go. That’s the whole truth so believe what you will when you hear the false stories going around.  The hardest part for me is that all these rumors going around are coming from outside parties trying to make the situation worse.  I’m not sure what the issue is for people continually trying to stir the pot in a situation they have no part in or understood fully. <end rant>

Oh, and have you heard the blatant lie that I was to blame for a situation at IFDC last year?  Yeah that was a good one.  This one made me LOL, literally.  I have no words other than their own actions caused that situation and it had nothing to do with me.  Sheesh. Like I freaking care. <okay, real end of rant>



You know the drill.  People share one side of what happened.  People butt in where they have no business butting in.  YadaYada. I’m tired of it.  It completely tainted the dolls that came in the mail.  I look on my shelf and see convention dolls and it brings back memories of special times.  This was not the case when these dolls arrived to me.  I missed out on a few dolls I wanted as a result of that final night too.  But whatever.  My friend was able to get her dolls which I was happy about.  She adored adored adored Agnes and I’m so happy she got her since she started collecting after Silver Zinger came out.  The rest of the dolls I had purchased I decided to sell.  I’m probably hyperemotional with post partum hormones but the dolls just brought me the memory of frustration and anger.  So there. Dolls are out of the house and I’ll enjoy the ones I do have and look forward to what IT is putting out for us next year.  I’m done with it and have washed my hands of the situation.

The hubcap was super sweet when I told him I wanted to shut the blog down and this situation being the final tipping point.  He told me “don’t let them win!” LOL  If those haters out there are happy to see me gone from the blogging scene, I really don’t care.  I want to enjoy this hobby.  I want to enjoy my dolls.  I want to enjoy my friends I’ve made through this hobby.  So if me backing out of my blog takes me and my friends out of the limelight so to speak, then that’s best for all of us.  It makes me sad that these people who just hate are so unhappy in their own lives.  Really it makes me sad more than angry.  My life is so full and Nate is so precious and my family and friends mean the world to me that nothing else matters and I’d give up anything to keep that.  I only hope they get that in their lives one day.  Until then I do have a warning for those people….


In this day of technology, you must be fools.  Do you not think that every evil, hateful, malicious private message, text or email can’t be captured with a screenshot?? Seriously?? Be careful what you say and who you continue to attack.  I’m sitting her with a folder on my laptop with 7 years worth of screenshots of lots of these emails/texts/PMs to not just myself but to my close friends too.  Screenshots that will show your true nature, and not the face you project on the boards and at convention.  So please stop.  Because honestly if it gets worse my final gift to this doll community that I’ve come to love will be a folder of all of those for people to read and see who you all truly are under those masks you wear.  I don’t mean that to be threatening, honestly I’m begging here.  I want the hate to stop.  Keep it to yourself or vent to someone who cares.  Stop sending it to people.  I’m sick and tired of it after 7 long years here on this blog and in this community. Can’t we all just get along? Or just put on a nice face and keep the hate to yourself?  Please. 


I may post here and there through the end of February when the renewal for this site is up.  Otherwise I’ll see you on facebook & flickr!  It’s been an amazing 7 years with all of you.  I’ve loved every minute of it!  I find it interesting that 7 is the # of completion with 8 being the # of new beginnings.  That’s definitely where I feel like I’m at in my life at the moment.  And I hope some of you will enjoy my new blog because you’ve already come to know me through here.  I promise to be my funny, nice self with lots of great recipes and sharing the struggles & triumphs in this thing called parenthood.

I’m leaving today for the weekend so if you post a comment and it doesn’t show up it’s just because I’m not online and haven’t had a chance to “approve” it yet.  But I’ll be back and I’ll sort through them and try and respond to everyone.  

It’s been real folks.. and I love you all (even the haters).



p.s. here’s some pics of me, Nate & the hubcap from the Gatsby themed wedding that caused me to miss the convention and from the rest of our trip there in SF.

10451653_373067776202826_7378603996717078696_n 10425463_10204945510934655_1127541052714091122_n 10610825_10204945231727675_7493832675833460463_n 1797497_373061399536797_2848534262646412653_n



Convention Dolls for sale

Hi everyone! I’ll be getting dolls in hand soon but I do have a few to part with. I’ll be heading home from San Francisco late Monday night but will check email from my phone.

Email me at sugarcrystal8@hotmail.com

Accepting reasonable offers. I have been looking at eBay pricing but am willing to negotiate so I don’t have to take them to evilBay so don’t be afraid to send an offer or ask what pricing I have in mind!

Registration Welcome Erin w/accessory pack
Chrome Noir Erin (wclub luncheon doll)
Adorned Vanessa (blue dress/collection doll)
Nocturnal Glow Veronique (collection doll)

October 2014 POTM

To order email dianawieler@sympatico.ca  and to see pics of the tote set & elite ensembles go HERE.


From the ladies of LaBoutique…

She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah!


In October every year – Halloween Month – Janet and I love to give in to our sense of whimsy.  This month  we salute the one and only British Invasion ! What fun we had finding, creating and dreaming up the retro items in this collection, singing early Beatles songs the whole time.  J  (Thank goodness no one could hear us, ha ha ha)


For the handbag offerings, there are really 2 sides of the same coin.  The Chanel British Flag Bag has been created on denim-look leather, with the Union Jack carefully constructed with leather and hand painting.  It features a thread-through chain handle and 2 logos.  36.00 + shipping.  And while Stephen Sprouse was NOT born in the UK, his Louis Vuitton design perfectly captures the look of 60’s graffiti.  This swinging bag features chain and leather handles, extra bold connectors and a kicky orange leather tassel.  32.00 + shipping.


The Beatles Tote Set is something your girls will shriek for!  The iconic image of the Fab Four is accented by authentic British ribbon, a mini record dangle, and comes with a striped scarf.  30.00 / set


New Fashion Teen Poppy’s!

Super cute collection! I almost wish 2 of them were in 12″ sizes.  They’re available now at your favorite dealer.

Sunny Splash
Fashion Teen Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll
Suggested Retail Price: $120.00 US
Limited Edition Size: 300 
Estimated Ship Date: Approximately the Second Week of October 2014

Doll Tech Specs:

Body Type: Fashion Teen (16-Inch) 
Head Sculpt: Poppy Parker (16-Inch) 
Quick Switch Feature: No 
Skin Tones: FR White 
Hair Color: Brown 
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand Applied
web_84005_full web_84005_full2 web_84005_CU
Fashionably Suited
Fashion Teen Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll
Suggested Retail Price: $140.00 US
Limited Edition Size: 300
Estimated Ship Date: Approximately the Second Week of October 2014

Doll Tech Specs:

Body Type: Fashion Teen (16-Inch)
Head Sculpt: Poppy Parker (16-Inch)
Quick Switch Feature: No
Skin Tones: FR White
Hair Color: Light Ash Brown
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand Applied
web_84006_full web_84006_full2 web_84006_CU
Ma Chérie
Fashion Teen Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll

Suggested Retail Price: $140.00 US
Limited Edition Size: 300
Estimated Ship Date: Approximately the Second Week of October 2014

Doll Tech Specs:

Body Type: Fashion Teen (16-Inch)
Head Sculpt: Poppy Parker (16-Inch)
Quick Switch Feature: No
Skin Tones: FR White
Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand Applied
web_84007_CU web_84007_full
Floating Dream
Fashion Teen Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll
Suggested Retail Price: $140.00 US
Limited Edition Size: 300
Estimated Ship Date: Approximately the Second Week of October 2014

Doll Tech Specs:

Body Type: Fashion Teen (16-Inch)
Head Sculpt: Poppy Parker (16-Inch)
Quick Switch Feature: No
Skin Tones: FR White
Hair Color: Platinum
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand Applied
web_84008_full web_84008_CU

New Furniture by FilF&F

So my friend Filip who made those acrylic wardrobes a few years ago is back in business and has made a gorgeous little bench that stores shoes & bags.  Priced at $30 plus shipping – can’t beat that!

To get all the details and to order please go to his website HERE.



New FR Body news + PetraElise is making suits!

So… WClub members got an email this morning telling us that the new Agnes & Elise dolls that are shipping out will have a newly updated body.  This body will dismantle at the elbows, shoulders, bust line, and knees to make dressing easier – especially for those tight fitting clothes.  They will continue to have the hand swapping capability too.  All future Jem/Color Infusion and NuFace dolls will have a body that does this as well.  Poppy, Victoire, current Homme and 16″ dolls will NOT have this feature.  This will also make it easier to get replacements if your doll has a wonky knee or broken arm as they’ll just send a replacement for that portion of the body and not have to replace the entire body.  

I honestly don’t know how I feel about this?  I’m mixed.  I don’t need my bodies to do this and I hope the quality is well enough that they’re still able to have tight joints for standing and such.  I can see the benefit for replacements for sure, so I just hope that when I get one in hand I’ll be happy with it.  Which for me means I guess I’ll see it when Agnes arrives!

Also they updated to let us know that Vanessa: Edge will come with the gloved hands like the original one Lisa Ramsammy designed did.  See picture below.



And finally, I wanted to link to PetraElise’s page as she just put out some beautiful new suits for your girls (and your Silkstones too).  You know I love her work and designs, so I thought I should pass the info on to you here.  Photos below belong to her. To order please go to her blog site HERE.

SilverZebra2_3 MetallicCheetahSuit2_3



City Prowl

Finally!!! Another Eugenia to add to my collection.  I think the last one I got/and/or/kept was the tan one from the Tropicalia Convention.  Yep, it’s been a long time coming for a perfect Eugie! (now I’m waiting for a newly updated and absolutely perfect Giselle!)  Loving this girls neutral palette because that means LOTS of redressing possibilities.  The hairstyle is perfect for dressing up or down as well.  Yep. Perfection in my book!  She may be one that I purchase another one to reroot as a brunette.  She could be a multiple keeper like GP Eugie is in my house.  

So today I put her in some mixed prints, which is a trend I still love.  It’s all about matching the colors to make the mix work.  So she’s wearing a ClearLan top (that I’ve had in the bag forever) and a PetraElise skirt.  Nude shoes and burnished bronze accessories round out her outfit.  She’s definitely “on the prowl” in this outfit too!

DSC04500 DSC04501 DSC04502 DSC04511

Vanessa Perrin: Edge

So at last year’s convention Lisa Ramsammy won the fashion challenge that would have Integrity Toys produce her design.  Well, that day has come and we ALL will be able to purchase this gorgeous fashion on… Vanessa 3.0!  I have to admit she’s a very beautiful doll, the platinum hair was a perfect choice to offset the gorgeous dress Lisa designed. She will be available to the public as well as WClub members and there is no limit to how many you can purchase.  I’m so happy that her design will be shared all over and not just within WClub, so kudos to IT on that choice!

**I’m not sure where the link is for the public to order? It wasn’t listed in our Wclub email, so I’m assuming it will be off their site, so keep checking THERE, or on their facebook HERE. I’m sure they’ll be posting public info soon enough.  I’ll update here when I see it come up too.***

Vanessa Perrin Dressed Doll
The Fashion Royalty Collection
2013 Design Competition Award Doll by Lisa Ramsammy
Edition Size: TBA (Based on all orders received)
Estimated Delivery Date: Approximately Late Fall/Early Winter 2014
Head Sculpt: Vanessa 3.0
Body: FR 2013
Skin Tone: FR White
Quickswitch Feature: No
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-applied
Hair Color: Luscious Blond
web_91354_full2 web_91354_full web_91354_CU web_91354_back web_91354_access web_91354_full3

Mademoiselle Jolie! A Wclub Exclusive

Well, this was a surprise for sure!  I know alot of collectors have wanted this doll to be produced since the 2006 convention where she appeared as a OOAK doll for an auction.  Now she is available to WClub members are their 3rd club doll!  So what are we thinking? Excited? Loving her? Wishing for someone else? (personally I was hoping for a NF doll, but I guess they’re under tight wraps until convention is over – a girl can hope, right!)  

Ombres Poétique
Mademoiselle Jolie Dressed Doll
2014 W Club Exclusive Mini-Gift Set
Estimated Shipping Date: Approximately Late Fall/Early Winter 2014
Doll Tech Specs: 
Scale: 12-inch / 1:6  
Head Sculpt: Isha 1.0 
Body Sculpt: FR 2013
Skin Tone: FR White 
Hair: Silver Blond
Quick Switch Feature: No 
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-Applied
web_91352_CU web_91352_full3 web_91352_full2
web_91352_lingerie_1 web_91352_access

September 2014 POTM

Send orders to:  dianawieler@sympatico.ca

From the ladies of LaBoutique…

Fall is at last upon us, and the new fashion season begins!  But no matter how busy your girl is in the city, Janet and I believe she will still have time to visit her Manor Home in the country.  (Doesn’t every doll have a manor home?)  That’s why we chose the Burberry Manor House Satchel as our handbag design this month!

 Available with either periwinkle blue suede trim or brown, each bag features custom-made suede handle-ends, a faux front zipper, faux lock, and handsome horsehead decoration.  On the back is the Burberry logo.  Each is 36.00 + shipping.

To see their exclusive outfits, please go to their site HERE.