Monster High Scaris, City of Fright (updated)

EDIT::: Well it looks like the pics I posted earlier were leaked photos and everyone who was posting them was contacted by Mattel to remove the photos.  

Just wanted you to know!


Thanks Nikki for the heads up! Ghouls Rule are available on TRU now, but it looks like just Frankie and Draculaura are left.  Link HERE.  I passed on these as they’re not my thing, but hopefully someone gets Frankie!  They should be showing up in TRU stores around 6/29.

Now how about some new stuff!  There is going to be another set of fashions (not sure for who yet, but it looks like 1 will definitely be Rochelle), plus a “Dance Class” set of dolls, again not sure who.  Okay, let’s move onto what I do know.

Found on THIS site.  Looks like 2 new CAM packs!


A few more accessories and a new version of a couple of girls.

For the first time ever, the ghouls of Monster High are brought to life. The It’s Alive Doll Collection features these characters’ signature freaky flaws. Spectra Vondergeist doll glows blue and makes ghostly noises as she haunts the halls for gossip. Frankie Stein doll amps up the energy as her skull, rib cage and bolts light up to electrifying sounds. And it must be a full moon since Clawdeen Wolf doll tilts her head back, closes her eyes and howls at the sky with her arms in the air. Each feature doll wears a modified, over the top version of her original outfit and comes with a doll stand.

Then it looks like a new collection called “Scaris, City of Fright”.  Can I just say I LOVE this set! So cool and the ghoul’s going to Scaris get luggage!!!!  Rochelle is there of course, along with Clawdeen, Frankie, Ula D, Ghoulia, Abbey & 2 new ghouls – Skelita Calaveras and JinaFire Long.  Not sure what the final pic of Abbey is from? Possibly a deluxe assortment? (anticipated release date Nov 1)

“The ghouls of Monster High are hitting the skies for their first trip abroad together in monster style. Their destination is Scaris, the city of lights and hometown for Rochelle Goyle. The ghouls are ready to see some scary sights dressed in new jet setting outfits and carrying small travel bags. Dolls cannot stand alone.”





  1. Princess Belle
    Jun 22, 2012

    Yep….. I think I’m gonne be broke. But I think I NEED the Dragon like girl. ;) And just about every other doll above. Not sure if I like the “live” dolls.

  2. monkeyhaircutter
    Jun 22, 2012

    Im loving all the new stuff. I think they are doing one thing that I love, Frankie is my favorite and I think its coll that they keep her and the others true to thier character. Frankie has this school girl think going on and its ever present. Other companyes seam to not think about characters when designing new offerings. The consistancy is great and sadly not alot of companys do it!!

  3. Linda
    Jun 22, 2012

    I am definitely going to be broke! But I love all the new stuff.

  4. LouLou
    Jun 22, 2012

    Collecting Barbie, Fashion Royalty (etc, etc) is “easy” because I don’t automatically like everything in all the collections and I can focus on the number of dolls that do catch my eye, but Monster High is driving me insane because I love EVERYTHING they come up with!!!! Ugh!!!
    * I gave up sticking to just Ghoulia a while ago….that’s where I went wrong, LOL! =^D

  5. NikkiinWales
    Jun 22, 2012

    I LOVE the new CAM packs! I made my own custom MH Medusa , complete with snake hair, but I REALLY like the hard wig on this version, very cute!

    LOVE the skeleton girl too, SO sweet and her outfit rocks!

  6. Marna
    Jun 22, 2012

    I don’t see any point to the “Alive” dolls, they look like somebody made a copycat doll to cash in on the MH dolls, who cares if they light up? The Scaris set is much better, Draculaura is adorable, & I MUST have Rochelle & JinaFire! It took me a bit, but after wondering what kind of name JinaFire was I finally said it enough to realize it’s the MH version of Jennifer. Sometimes I am very slow :-)

    • Princess Belle
      Jun 22, 2012

      Oh my gosh! DUH. Just realised the JinaFire thing too, once you said it! ;) I like JinaFire very much so. I also like the Abbey with all the clothes, and I like the Scaris Frankie. But, sadly, I will probably get only the JinaFire doll, and I think for my first Frankie EVER I will get the Scary Tales one. ;) Oh, what Monster High does to my money.

  7. Deborah
    Jun 22, 2012

    OH CRAP…I’m doomed!!!! (Good thing I’m planning on going back to work soon, looks like I’m gonna need the extra cash!!!)

    I love almost everything you showed. Not crazy about the It’s Alive Frankie or Clawdeen, but I do like the Spectra! And the new Scaris girls are fang-tastic too! And I love the little street vendor set!

    Oh my poor wallet! ;-)

  8. Anh
    Jun 22, 2012

    I have 6 Monster High dolls being shipped to me next week and now I see more that I want–Mattel is raking in my money! The Scaris dolls are awesome. I love the first Rochelle doll but the new one is even more beautiful, I love her outfit. I want JinaFire and Draculaura too. The vendor set and car are adorable, but I just don’t have enough space.

  9. linda
    Jun 22, 2012

    I LOVE the Scaris collection, especially JinaFire and Skelita Calaveras . I also like Draculaura’s cafe and the pink car. I’m really going to be broke.

  10. yuki
    Jun 22, 2012

    i wonder if they will make a movie for the scaris set

  11. Heather
    Jun 23, 2012

    I love all the new collections except for the “It’s Alive” set. I see the appeal for play purposes but for collecting…not a must have, in fact it may be the only MH collection, so far, that I bypass entirely. I don’t see why Mattel contacted people to remove the photos though. Leaked MH pics have happened a lot of times before. I like it since it sort of mentally prepares me for the amount of dolls I’ll be scouting out in stores in the fall. I don’t really see how it’s bad for Mattel since it creates buzz on new products but it’s their call.

    • shugashug
      Jun 23, 2012

      I know what you mean. I was wondering if that was what they were going to show at ComicCon and it kind of revealed it early? I agree about the “IT’s alive” set – totally unnecessary in my opinion.

    • faeiesh
      Jun 25, 2012

      I agree. I have every single doll that has come out so far but I will not spend my money on that “IT’s Alive” collection. Unless my sister convinces me otherwise of course. :(

  12. shamara
    Oct 22, 2012

    the new scaris dolls and dance class dolls i can not sleep until i get the dance class dolls and scaris dollls lol lol lo l ol

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